Professor: Yoshio Nakatani, Ph. D

At our laboratory, we are conducting research related to Cognitive Communication engineering.

Cognitive Communication Engineering: Is an engineering that uses existing models of human cognition and human behavior related to Psychology and Cognitive Science.

Our laboratory performs research based on those models for the construction of technology for the support of human communication.

Our developments use advanced core technologies such as artificial intelligence and innovative design of human interfaces.

Our laboratory has the characteristic of having social psychology as the base of our research. Without forgetting about originality, we conduct research related to a wide spectrum of areas and points of view.

At social communication laboratory, we have research related to disaster mitigation information systems, Intelligent transportation systems, community support systems, and other systems based on cognitive engineering technologies.

Additionally, we are conducting research on "Kansei Engineering", "Memory Engineering" and "Cognitive Science"

For example:

- Fashion coordination system
- Communication support system that uses personal tempo and acoustic rhythm
- Tourism support navigation system